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1) How long does it get take to get pregnant after having sex?

Generally conception takes anywhere within 48 hours to up to 5 days after having sex! Sperm can actually survive in the body for up to 5 days (hint: this is the reason doctors say that you can get pregnant during your period). You're unlikely to conceive while your on your period, however if you have sex towards the end, the sperm can survive and cause conception after the period ends! This is why Plan B and other kinds of morning after pills work best when taken immediately after intercourse. 

2) I usually orgasm about 5 minutes after penetrative sex with my girlfriend and I'm self-conscious that I'm not lasting long enough. Any thoughts?

Believe it or not, that's pretty average for a male! Most men can only last for a few moments after penetration, so that's not anything to really feel self conscious about. However if you feel that your partner isn't receiving enough pleasure, you can make sure that they are well satisfied before moving on to intercourse. Things like foreplay, oral sex, playing with toys, etc. that please your partner without directly involving intercourse. If you are looking to improve your stamina a bit, there are ways to do that. Edging (the act of stopping before orgasm) was originally used to help men suffering from premature ejaculation! And there's always what I like to call the Switch Game. Whenever you feel you might be getting close to the point of no return, change positions! It gives you time to cool off, and then you can resume.

Plus you can get creative!

3) I'm a guy who loves the sensation of rimming - but I'm currently single. Would you suggest anything that can provide a similar sensation?

Sure can! There are actually rimming toys available on the market now! These toys use rotating beads around the shaft that's closest to the entry of an anus (where all those sensitive little nerve endings are). Many people report this sensation being extremely close to the the feeling of rimming, plus you get the added benefits of an anal plug! Currently we have the Optimale Rimming P-Massager available, which is a prostate plug with the rimming beads (with the bonus of a perennial stimulator).  

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