The Perfect Wedding Gift!

It's wedding season! One of the hardest parts is figuring out the perfect gift to give your couple that nobody else will get them! An intimate kit from Our Pleasure is the perfect addition to any couple's collection, and you can be rest assured that they won't have received another gift like it! The best part is you can have it be as intimate or as sensual as you like! 

To get this reaction from your couple - make sure to read our gift guide!


For those of you that want to get your couple something to enjoy, but don't want to get them anything too sexual, look for these sensual products for your gifts! 

Massage Oil

Massage oil is an amazing gift because it sets your couple up for more intimate and sensual times together without being too sex-oriented! Plus what person doesn't enjoy a good massage before the main event (or after a hard day at work)?

Love Bath

This unique product turns any water into a luxurious bath gel! Retains heat, exfoliating, aromatic and moisturizing, Love Bath hydrates the skin and transforms your bathtub, spa or jacuzzi into a sensual wonderland of color, texture and scent.

Bath Salt

These single use salts are perfect for the married couple to take on their honeymoon! Moonlight bath will turn the water the color of the salt, and has amazing moisturizing properties with sensual scents!


Bring the fun home with these gifts! Great if you are close to the couple, or want to make them laugh (or perhaps even make them blush!) 


Who doesn't like a good lubricant? If you're shopping for somebody else, stick with something hypoallergenic, or a flavored version that isn't too serious for a good laugh!


Games are great for couples to explore together! Something as small as a dice game is great fun, but you can even get full board games to gift to your couple for hours of play time!

Sensual Toy

Penis rings are a good bet for couples, as they're a toy they can both use together! However, even something as small as a vibrating bullet can be an amazing couple's toy! It's versatile and great for couples of any gender.

Couple's Kits

With a little bit of everything, these are great for the honeymoon! If you're close to the couple, give them many ways to explore their new marriage with a kit, or make your own with a combination of fun products from our store! 

Until next time!

xoxo Laysha