1) What would you suggest for a single dad who has little ones running around? 

That can be a bit of a tricky situation. When it comes to toys, sometimes little ones stumble upon them when being curious. There are some male masturbators out there that offer a bit of privacy by keeping the masturbator part inside of a hard sleeve. Fleshlights are one type of toy that offer this, hiding the masturbatory sleeve inside of a hard casing that's shaped like a flashlight. Doing this keeps these t oys discreet. The other thing I would suggest is finding a good hiding place out of their reach. Perhaps in a bedroom drawer, or up in the closet tucked away and out of sight! 

2) Can you catch an STI but using the same toy as somebody who has one? 

Unfortunately if you're sharing a toy with somebody who has an STI, it's very possible that it could spread to yourself or others also using the toy. There are, however, a couple of ways to prevent this! If you're sharing a toy with a partner who has an STI (or people you don't know their sexual history), it's always best to use a barrier method like a condom over the toy! Once anybody is finished with it, the condom comes off and can be replaced with another for your or another persons enjoyment! Also making sure to clean and sanitize your toys well before and after use can help prevent the spread of STIs and other infections! 

Even if you or your partner doesn't have and STI, these are still very good tips! Hygiene is important for keeping yourself safe from bacteria and increasing your toys longevity! 

That's all the questions we have for today! If you have your own burning questions feel free to submit them below for our next Q&A! 

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xoxo Laysha