Coconut oil has become a trend in the health and beauty world over the past few years due to it being  an all natural product with lots of benefits. All natural just seems like a more inviting thing to use, so how could it harm us?

Well upon some reading, it seems that there isn't much scientific research done on coconut oil and how it affects our body as a lubricant. So this neither confirms or denies the fact that it is unsafe. With anything that becomes a trend, it does take time to research. Things we do know however is that because it is an oil, it can break down the material of latex condoms. For someone who isn't exclusively with one partner this could be an issue as it can increase the rate of pregnancy or STDs but using some non-latex condoms could be a way to work around that issue!

Another downside to using coconut oil is that it is anti bacterial and anti fungal and can disrupt the PH balance in your vagina, which then can cause yeast infections (ouch!) . Oils in general are thicker than lubricants purchased at your local store, and can clog the pores inside the vagina, making it harder for the vagina to self clean! This can cause bacteria to stay inside the vagina longer. If you are prone to yeast infections in general, definitely stay away!

With that being said, some people who use coconut oil swear by it! The claims of being an all natural product with no harsh chemicals has proven to work for them, especially anyone experiencing menopause or extreme vaginal dryness/atrophy. The thick and silky consistency keeps the vagina moisturized even after intercourse, and prevents skin irritation. In general we like to say: if its ain't broke, don't fix it - but be wary when trying this new! 

Coconut oil, like all other types of lubricants, seem to be a personal preference over a lube phenomenon. While it is something that I personally do not recommend using, there doesn't seem to be any immediate harmful problems with using this as a lubricant. 

What are your opinions on coconut oil as a lube? Comment below if you have tried it, or would like to!

Thanks for reading!