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You sent them, it's time to answer!!!

1) Can you use massage oils as lube?

It's not advised for a couple of reasons! The first reason is that oil throws off the pH balance of the vagina, causing irritations (and we all know what that means). You might be thinking: Well, I don't have a vagina, or me and my partner are not females, so does that mean we can use oil? While it's true that men can use oils as lubricant without problem, if you're practicing safe sex with a partner, oil eats through latex condoms. This means it makes holes and tears in the condom - and that means that your safe sex isn't so safe. If you're practicing safe sex, have a vagina, or have a partner that has a vagina, avoid oil based lubes.

2) My husband wants me on top, but I'm heavier than he is. Is there anything I can do to make it easier and better for me?

Honestly, him liking this position is probably better for you anyway! Being on top means that you can take better control of how deep he penetrates and the speed of your intercourse! A lot of people actually report having better sexual satisfaction being on top during sex. Just remember that your comfort is absolutely key! If your knees hurt, put pillows beneath them, or try alternative "on top" positions. There are plenty out there! If it's a case of you putting in all the effort, get him involved! He can still thrust while on his back, and put him in charge of that!

3) It seems my partner is always leaving me sexually unsatisfied lately. After they orgasm, they just roll over and go to sleep. Is it rude of me to pull out a toy and use it when they're next to me? 

I personally think it's more rude for your partner to constantly be leaving you sexually unsatisfied. But before you whip out the toy (and risk insulting your partner), make sure you have a long talk about this and share your feelings. They might not be aware that you're so sexually unsatisfied! Once you've done that, the two of you can figure out together how to avoid this. For example, if they find themselves unable to continue after their orgasm, make it a point to have you orgasm first. So once they've finished they can go to sleep without having to worry if they left you high and dry!

If your partner doesn't care to fix this issue, then pull out that toy! Everybody should be satisfied, even if they have to do it themselves!

That’s all we have time for today, but if you have any other questions be sure to save them for the next time we do Q&A!