It has almost been a decade since I started working for Our Pleasure.  I have seen, heard and have been asked just about everything.  From do I have something in stock, what is the price of a toy, would you like to join in with my partner and I, can I try out this toy before I buy it, to which room do I get a massage in?  All I can do is just smile and tell people that we are a retail store, we sell products not services.

I know that things change yet I am still surprised to see customer come into the store with their head down, collier of their coat up around their necks like a turtle trying to hide.

As a society we have come a long way when it comes to sex or issues sounding sex.  People are more open to talk about sex or to ask questions regarding sexual active which was unheard of 30 plus years ago.  I love the fact that we can talk about things from vaginal discharge, premature ejaculation, hot flashes to earth shattering orgasms!!  All in all I have a very interesting job.  

When someone who has never been into one or our stores before,who are shy and find it hard to make eye contact with us, we know that it takes a lot for someone to walk into one of our stores so I do everything I can to make them comfortable!! We greet them when they come in and give them a few moments to have a look around.  One of the things that we try to do is put everyone at ease with humour.  However the best part of my job is when a new customer, that had come in hiding like a turtle, leaves with their head up laughing and thanking us for all of our help.  

Sex is something that is still a private action between consenting adults which can be a lot of fun. One of the main goals of Our Pleasure is to provide a fun, nonjudgmental, safe environment to ask and have answered your many questions regarding sex.  

Yet in 2019 I am still surprised to find people nervous to talk about sex when we are all sexual beings that are either thinking about it, planning it or just doing it!! What do you think about all of this?

Talk soon!