Why are some men so intimidated by sex toys?

As somebody who works in the adult toy industry, I've heard many a woman state that they can't buy a certain product because their boyfriend/husband will get jealous. OR I hear men saying that if their girlfriend/wife used something "that big", that they'll be no good to them afterward. I've even heard females claim that their male partners won't let them purchase toys because they're afraid that it will replace them!

I'm not sure why some men have this way of thinking, but I tell all of my customers no matter their gender that toys are not meant to replace a partner. They can be used to enhance playtime, or scratch a particular itch when your partner may not be around to do this for you! If a man has stamina issues, erectile dysfunction or other ailments, using a sex toy can take pressure off of them by offering them ways to still please their partner. If a female is going through life changes (say menopause), then it's actually more difficult to get aroused and have an orgasm. Toys can help make sex more comfortable for her a a result! 

As for the argument of toys being too big, the male sex has to realize that the female body is a mysterious and wonderful thing! We are designed to expel small humans from our nether regions and it all goes back to place afterwards (in fact, the vagina has something called muscle memory and is extremely elastic)! Using a toy that is thicker or longer will have no effect on their male partners ability to please their partner afterwards.

If you are dealing with a male partner that's intimidated by sex toys, try these tips!

  • Get a toy for him: Like a male masturbator or stroker that you can use on him! This might open his mind to the possibilities that sex toys are an enhancer.
  • Get a toy for BOTH of you: Instead of focusing on a toy for yourself, get one you can both enjoy and show him how to use it! Great couple's toys are things like penis rings and bullets!
  • Try a small toy first: Don't get a huge dildo right out of the get-go. Grab something small like a bullet or other small vibrator. This will help him feel less intimidated because it's smaller than his natural penis.

That's all for today!

Until next time!

xoxo Laysha