Most people hate doing laundry anyway. Least of all when you actually have to put in a little effort like separating colors and delicates. But you spend a lot of money on lingerie, and we know you want to keep it around for as long as you can to get the best bang for your buck! Believe it or not, washing your delicate lingerie doesn't have to involve a whole lot of effort and you can keep your intimates looking shiny and new! 


You CAN use your regular detergent, but that might not be the best idea because it contains alcohol, which can be bad for delicate fabrics. It's advised to use an alcohol free detergent. Can't find one? Look for detergent meant for babies because they're usually free of perfumes and other additives because... well they're made for a baby's delicate skin! 

Where and How?

You can use wherever pleases you to wash your lingerie, some popular places include:

  • a clean bucket
  • kitchen or bathroom sink
  • laundry sink
  • bath tub (if you have a LOT of washing to do!) 

But not the washing machine! Hand wash is ALWAYS best. 

Pro Tip: Wash your lingerie in cold water! It helps keep the fabric from stretching which helps them hold their form for longer!

Step by Step

  1. Fill up your chosen vessel with cold water and add detergent (a tablespoon per kitchen sink amount of water)
  2. Place your lingerie in the water and let it absorb
  3. Let clothing soak for anywhere from half an hour to an hour.
  4. After they've soaked, take each piece and gently rub the fabric together to remove stains and ensure the detergent permeates the fabric.
  5. DO NOT WRING YOUR DELICATES! Gently squeeze the water out by bunching the fabric.
  6. Rinse each article of clothing until water runs clear.
  7. Get as much water out of your clothes (using that squeeze and bunch method) as you can before leaving them to dry.


How you dry your clothes depends on your preference and what you have around you. Do not put in the dryer! Instead, leave the garment to lay flat, or hand it to let it drip dry.


Bras: These can be spooned together in your drawer  so the cups all face the same direction or hung to retain their shape

Lingerie with no boning or padding: These can be folded and placed in a drawer or hung up depending on preference.

Lingerie WITH boning, underwire, or padding: These articles should always be hung up to keep their shape.

And there you have it! You did it, and most of the time was spent letting the item soak and air dry! Plus you have the benefit of knowing your delicates will be around for as long as they're able!

Until next time!

xoxo Laysha