Christmas is coming, Christmas is coming . . . and we will all be busy!!

As we get ready for the festive season there is a few things that we should all remember. It can be a time of joy for so many but also a very stressful time for a lot of people.  Some go so far in debt trying to prove to the ones they love that well they love them because of the things they give them.  Others are wondering where they are going to get the money to purchase gifts for their kids when they are having a hard time paying their light bill!!!  So hopefully we all remember to be kind to those we see when we are out.

Please remember that retail workers also have lives outside of their jobs and need to get ready for Christmas as well.  

Shopping is one of the things we all do to get ready for holiday season, whether it is at the mall, the supermarket, the liquor or Tweed store we have to interact with people.  I know lines can be long and it seems that the staff in every store have to ask a million questions at the counter but please keep in mind that they are just doing their job.

With the holiday season being in the winter and we also live on an island getting merchandise on time could be difficult and not the fault of the staff if it does not arrive on time.  So before you get upset with the staff who are just doing their job, please remember that they have no control over the weather or the boats that brings the merchandise to us.

A piece of advise I would like to offer to anyone and everyone that retail workers do their best to bring you excellent customer service all year long and the holiday season is no different.  Please be kind and patient to all the retail workers that you come in contact with when you are out and about shopping this season!!