1) Penis Rings

Penis rings are a type of ring (usually made from a stretchy material) that are placed on the base of the penis, and help to keep blood flow into the penis and maintain an erection. Not only are they great for the longevity of an erection (ie. the blood will stay in the penis), but they can also be good for size as well! The penis tends to increase slightly in girth with the use of a penis ring, thanks to that restricted blood flow! 

This can also be good for people who are a bit overweight. Usually it isn't the case that the penis is small, but sometimes excess weight can prevent you from experiencing the full lengths. Penis rings can help keep some of that extra flesh back and the true length of the penis to show through! 

2) Penis Pumps

Penis pumps are devices that create a vacuum around the penis. This forces blood flow into the appendage and can be great for men who have difficulty achieving erections due to impotence, surgery, stress, and other factors. However, penis pumps have also shown to increase the girth of the penis as well! The results aren't permanent, but when used before a sex session, the penis will be thicker than average! Some research suggests that frequent use of a penis pump can help make the difference permanent, however it's generally advised that the affects are not permanent.

Tip: Use penis pumps along with penis rings for the best effect! Pumps draw blood flow to the penis while rings help maintain the erection! 

3) Penis Extenders

Penis extenders are toys that increase the length and girth to the penis! They come in options that extend anywhere from 1-4 inches in length and as much as 2 inches in girth! You can even find ones that only increase girth, leaving the head of the penis exposed for maximum pleasure. These can be great for men who want to please their partner without the extra time it takes to use a penis pump. Some are made from realistic material that helps it feel more like skin for their partner, while others are crafted out of silicone and even rubber. You can even get extenders that have ticklers and ribs on the exterior walls - making for extra pleasure and sensation! 

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