Time to answer your questions! 

1) I want to get some toys but I'm nervous to come into the store and I'm looking to shop online. But NOW I'm worried my mailman will know what I'm ordering. How do I order stuff online without anybody knowing?

The best way would be to order online, on your own personal computer (or phone). If it's a shared computer or device than somebody could look at the internet history and you're busted. If you're not worried about that, and only concerned with the wandering eyes of your local mailman - order from Our Pleasure! Seriously, our shipping is discreet and you can be rest assured no one will know what's in any of our boxes! All items come to you shipped in a plain brown box with only your address and our return address on the label. 

No company name. No hint of what's inside! 

Of course we always recommend coming into the store to take a look! When you're there the associates can take toys out for you to hold and get a better feel for. It's generally better than the unknowns of ordering online - but we also have a live chat option too! 

2) My boyfriend watches a lot of porn, and he says that he doesn't compare me to the women in the videos. But does he? :( 

Probably not. Males tend to be very visual creatures when it comes to their sexual expression - while females tend to be very mental creature (of course there's exceptions in both cases). Many men say that they in no way wish that their partner LOOKED like the woman in the videos, but a lot of men report wishing that their partners were as comfortable with sex and their bodies as the stars are. Good sex means being comfortable - can you really blame them for wanting women to be comfortable so they can also have GREAT sex? I certainly can't! 

3) I'm in a relationship now, and I'm wondering if the subject of consent changes once you've been with somebody awhile?

No. The subject of consent NEVER changes - though it can evolve. Both partners in the relationship have the right to consent and not-consent to anything they want. Being in a relationship doesn't mean that you automatically have to have sex if you're not in the mood, or allow your partner to touch you if you don't want it. However, you can make some things very clear as to what you might enjoy!

For example, a lot of people enjoy the idea of being woken up being sexually pleasured - while some would find that a kind of assault because they didn't give their consent. It's important to talk to your partner about these things, and if that is something that you're into (or not), make sure to let them know! 

That's all for today!

Until next time!

xoxo Laysha