This question might get me into a bit of trouble, and I just want to preface this by saying: I don’t care about the state of your penis! Circumcised or not, a penis is a penis.

That being said, I’ve always found it difficult to wrap around in my head why – especially in America – the uncircumcised penis is seen as a bad thing. Either it’s dirty, weird, or “oh my god there’s just so much skin there”. I live in Canada, where the buzz on the uncircumcised penis is similar, though not quite so intense. I’ve had discussions with friends that claim they would never give a blow job to an uncircumcised dick, or that they find the concept of an uncircumcised penis dirty.

Even though I’m a woman, I’ve still found a lot of benefits to having an uncircumcised penis, both for me and for him.

  1. Blowjobs are easier: I’m not kidding! The skin moves along with the mouth, which means less friction, and in the end, less effort.
  2. You need less lube: Because the foreskin moves up and down with motion, that means you don’t need as much lubricant for masturbation or sex as a cut penis.
  3. The protective layer keeps the head sensitive: There have been studies on this. Not only are there nerve endings in the foreskin that add sensation, but the foreskin protects the head of the penis and helps it from becoming desensitized.
  4. Women enjoy it more: Again, more studies! Women report having higher sexual satisfaction and less pain with an uncut penis as opposed to a cut one.
  5. Foreskin helps keep bacteria away: The little cap has the function of helping to keep bacteria away from the head of the penis and urethra.

That being said:

Hygiene is important: Uncircumcised men do need to make sure to properly clean the penis and under the foreskin, otherwise they do have a higher chance of infections.

But that seems to affect young children as opposed to grown men, who are pros at cleaning their penises.

Ultimately, I look at this pro and con list and wonder why being cut is more popular when there are less benefits to having it! I understand less still why that popularity can turn into an “uncircumcised witch hunt” in a way. Most women can’t tell the difference between a cut and uncut penis by sight while erect because as the penis gets hard, the foreskin stretches down, yet some are still adamant that they dislike uncut penises.

Ultimately, I just say let’s love all penises!

What do you guys think about all this?

Until next time,

xoxo Laysha