There is nothing that can bring your libido to a screeching halt like having a child. Plus it’s not just about the recovery from childbirth or the feeling your body doesn’t quite belong to you anymore. You are running on less sleep and spending a lot of your waking hours carrying around a child.
Sex gets pushed to the back corner of the closet to hide out with the dust bunnies. And keeping it spicy? 

What is spicy again?

Sex is a very important part of a partnership, not to mention life. We are sexual beings and while solo play can be fulfilling, most couples still want to have sex with each other. They just don’t know to make it happen much less keep it exciting.
Your body has changed, you have stretch marks and maybe some extra baby weight but that doesn’t change who you are.
Make time to discuss your relationship, talk about things you used to when you were super hot and don’t shy away from new things. Something as small as a blindfold or a new toy can warm things up.

Schedule sexy time and send provocative texts to keep your partner hot all day. Spontaneously jump in the shower for a quickie while child is asleep or roll over at 2 am for an oral session. Keep trying different ways to please yourself and your partner.

Sex becomes a big deal in a relationship if you aren’t having any. It’s important to talk! RELATIONSHIPS involve two (or more) people and both (or all) must be willing to put in the effort.

Spice up your life!