Play With Toys

Ladies, the next time your guy (or gal) is walking the dog or taking a shower, take those few minutes to dig into your goody drawer. Get a head start with your vibrator and you'll be ripping their clothes off when they get back.

Make Out

Remember high school, when the greatest-thing-in-the-whole-wide-world was making out underneath the bleachers? Put a ban on the quick pecks and make sure every kiss lasts at least 10 seconds, even add a little lick of the lips after the kiss ends – make those 10 seconds count.

Rent a Sexy Movie

It doesn't have to be porn -- just find a movie that has a hot sex scene.


Write down your erotic fantasies and share them with each other. Now is not the time to be shy -- they'll love hearing your inner desires, and have an even better time making them a reality.  

Get Steamy

Nothing says sexy better than being hot, wet, naked and surrounded by steam. (Hint: share a shower!) 

Hole a Private "Game Night" For Two

Game nights don't have to be just mellow nights in with a Scrabble or cribbage board. Spice things up with Sexopoly, with risky and frisky cards telling you to do stuff like remove another player's clothes with your teeth. And really, any classic game can be made sexy by adding the word “strip" to it (strip Go Fish, anyone?).

Treat Him to a Rubdown

Grab your favorite massage oil, even warm it up a little and start with his shoulders -- he'll be so into it, and that'll make you into it. Before you know it, you'll be in the mood for more than just a foot massage.  

Take a Staycation 

Hotels aren't just good for family visits and holidays. Splurge for a night at a local hotel. You'll feel scandalous getting down in someone else's bed, and the “do not disturb" sign guarantees hours of uninterrupted pleasure.

Hopefully this helps all of you have more sex!

All the best!