Love Is Love

I have met many different types of customer over the years and one of the things that surprises me is how many seem to think that masturbation is not a thing!!  It is so a thing!!!

I think that masturbation is a very important part of all of our lives. When you masturbate it allows you to learn about your own body and how you react to touch or even toys.  So when you are with a partner you know how to ask for what you need to enjoy yourself  or it will give you insight to what your partner may enjoy as well.

For men when you masturbate it helps release toxins from your prostate and keeps it healthy.  There are so many great health benefits to having an orgasm on a regular basis, whether it is daily or weekly it is something we should all do.

With different occasions such as Valentines Day, so many people put pressure on themselves or a partner to have the best romantic day ever, only to be let down because it doesn't measure up to a Hallmark movie.  There are a lot of single people out there as well and this is a day that makes so many feel inadequate because they are alone. Then again others are over the moon at how great the day has gone.  

I know that all of us have had a good or bad specials occasions at one time or another.  What everyone needs to remember is that whether you are alone or with someone, that love is love . . . either together or by yourself.

So grab your partner or yourself and enjoy your day just the way your want to!!