We love our partner, and that partner loves us – that is the idea!

However sometimes we expect them to know it and feel it, just because we assume it’s obvious – and it’s not.

Couples can very easily have hurt feelings and misunderstandings when communication falls to the side. A strong cause of that could be we are not showing appreciation and they in turn, are not feeling appreciated, themselves. It doesn’t have to be big grand gestures like lavish gifts. As life is full of moment to moment stuff. That is where showing your appreciation counts and has the most significant impact.

Appreciating our partner is important to both partners. When you see, hear and understand them, we deepen our connection.
Pay attention to your partner’s story about work or friends, and really engage with questions, good eye contact. Be generous with compliments. Tell them you like being with them, hold your partner’s hand.

Leave a note to tell them what they have done to make you happy and feel loved.
Go out of your way to do a task they would normally do.
Plan a night out with no other reason except being together.
Listen when your partner may need to talk or vent. Don’t offer advice or try to fix their problem, just listen and ask what you can do to help.

These small gestures mean a great deal, as the good feelings they create add up.