The best part about living in the 21st century is that sex never has to be the same! There are many ways to both improve your sexual performance and pleasure. Stimulants and Enhancers can help couples and individuals take hold of their sexual pleasure. There are many kinds of stimulants and enhancers, including pills, creams, gels and lotions. 

Reasons one might want to use a stimulant include:

  • want help achieving orgasm
  • seeking extra stimulation
  • want to spice up their sex life
  • slow libido
  • reduced sensation
  • enjoy pleasure increasing products
  • want to please their partner

Stimulants and enhancers are available for both male and females, and some are even engineered specifically for couples to use together!  

For Her

Clitoral Stimulants

Clitoral stimulants are applied to the clitoris and work by offering a tingling sensation. This spikes sexual response and provides pleasure to the clitoris that can be intensified with masturbation, the use of toys, or intercourse with a partner! Clitoral stimulants are not meant to use internally, and there are three main kinds.

Cooling and Tingling

These stimulants usually use peppermint or menthol to provide a cooling and tingling sensation to the clitoris.

Warming and Tingling

Utilizing cinnamon and other warming ingredients, these stimulants offer a warming and tingling sensation to the clitoris.


These stimulants use an amino acid called L'Arginine. They use this naturally occurring amino acid to force the blood flow down into the clitoris. This causes it to slightly swell and make it more easy to stimulate. L'Arginine based stimulants tend to be the most intense.

Warning: L'Arginine based stimulants could have a small chance of causing premature contractions, so we do no recommend using these during pregnancy.

G-spot Stimulants

These are specially designed for use inside of the vagina - unlike clitoral stimulants. They work by engorging the G-spot and making it easier to stimulate! If you're searching for a G-spot orgasm but are having difficulty, or simply want a little something extra for use with your partner, these might be what you're looking for!

For Him

Oral Sex Aids

These stimulants are used on the head of the penis during oral sex! Some are simply flavored for the giver, and others offer tingling sensations to the penis during use. These are extremely popular for couples and men seeking extra stimulation.

Prostate Gel

Titan Men Prostate Stimulation Gel offers increased stimulation to the prostate using a warming formula! Like the G-spot is for women, the prostate is considered the male pleasure zone. So increase your fun with some prostate stimulation! 

For Them

Drag20100528112830901686L.jpgon Cream

This cream is engineered for men to be used by couples! When the cream is applied to the penis it helps with his virility, and once the penis is inserted into the vagina it creates a fire and ice sensation that titillates and pleasures both partners with increased sensation!

Lotus20170127140937273100L.jpg Noir

Lotus Noir is an external sensitizing gel designed to intensify the female and male orgasm. Made with certified organic ingredients, it acts as a stimulant and enhances sensations. It offers a mild cooling effect.

And of course there are more!

That's all today lovelies!

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