Sounds simple right? Simply grill your man a steak and give him a blowjob! 

But what if you can make that blowjob even better than usual? After all, everybody should have a trick up their sleeve here and there! We have a couple ways that can amp up their blowjob and leave them wishing it was March 14th every day! 

Stimulating Gels

Oral sex gels are a great way to increase sensation during oral sex. Simply apply to the penis and go to town! They can be flavored for you (if you happen to not enjoy the taste of penis), and sometimes they can even be stimulating for him! This creates a cooling or warming, and tingling sensation the penis which can be mindblowing! 

Deep Throat Spray

Most men will tell you there's nothing like a good deep throat! Though some people simply can't achieve this on their own (darn you, dreaded gag reflex!). However did you know we sell sprays and mints that actually help numb the uvula and back of the throat? This lowers your gag reflex and means you can go down further than ever before. They'll certainly be surprised -- in all the best ways! 

BJ Blast Candy

A best seller in all of our stores, BJ Blast Candy is just like the pop rocks you enjoyed as a child... only made for a completely different purpose. Make this blowjob a fizzy, popping experience with this oral sex candy! 

Things don't have to always remain the same! Remember you can spice things up while still keeping it simple! 

Until next time!