The answer: Harmful! 

Vaginal steaming is surrounded by internet hype and celebrity endorsement, and very few actual facts. Getting to the truth of what it is and what it’s good for (if at all) requires some serious research. If you’re searching the internet hoping someone will convince you to get your vagina steamed, celebrities and untrustworthy health websites advertise vaginal steaming as crucial to your reproductive health. But if you want the facts that are grounded in research and science - you’ll have a harder time finding those answers.

What You Need to Know About Vaginal Steaming

  • Vaginal steaming involves sitting naked over a mixture of hot or boiling water, herbs and essential oils, allowing the steam to rise to your vagina.
  • Claims of vaginal steaming health benefits are largely unfounded.
  • The history of vaginal steaming and related practices is difficult to trace.
  • Much of what is known about global vaginal steaming suggests it was traditionally done to tighten or dry out the vagina.
  • A 2016 analysis of vaginal steaming coverage suggests the activity is a damaging myth: that women, and particularly women’s sexual organs, are dirty and in need of fixing.
  • Vaginal steaming could be dangerous and actually increase the risk of vulvovaginal burns and infection.

Because of the anatomy of your vagina, very little steam will actually enter your body by sitting over a pot of steam with flowers and oils in it. Claims that vaginal steaming is good for cleanliness or to prevent infections are also very misleading. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ! [screams from roof top] High temperatures could actually harm the balance of good bacteria that actually fight infections and make you more vulnerable to things such as yeast and bacterial infections. 

There is no scientific data to support the reported benefits of vaginal steaming. If a woman is concerned about an abnormal vaginal discharge or smell, she should consult with her doctor rather than follow unfounded trends on the internet which can put her health at risk.

Not only is it harmful to your vagina to do this, its even harmful to preach the act of the vaginal steam to women who didn't do the research. V-steaming claims to help the ”naturally deteriorating, dirty female body.” Like vaginal douching, vaginal steaming seems to imply a harmful misconception: that women, and women’s vaginas in particular, are dirty. 

In conclusion: Don't do it, just let your vagina do her thing girl! We need to spread the correct and healthy information about vaginal health, not continue to boost companies and celebrities trying to sell you yet another product.