Make Foreplay Count

“A blowjob is not foreplay”. Get that idea out of your head because you need to tease and work your way up to a BJ just as you would for sex. We all know that penis owners tend to be easier to arouse, and it doesn't take much to give them a hard-on. So don’t feel like you have to work too hard... to get it hard! Start by kissing down their body, or rub your hands on their hips and legs…essentially whisper around the penis until you get to the actual BJ. Even something as simple is getting on your knees and asking them about what they want you to do while down there will turn their brain to mush and their penis to concrete.

Reflect On It

Have you ever had sex in front of a mirror? Yes, it can be a major turn on...No, seriously try it sometime. The same thought process goes for giving your partner a blow job. Get down on your knees and give them one a hell of a view. They’ll have the typical above angle but they will be able to see you working it from behind or the side. Don’t be self-conscious about what you look like. Trust me, they really don't care because they'll just be glad to have their penis in your mouth.

Mind The Teeth

This should go without saying, but sometimes we need to be reminded to be careful of those chompers. Easy tip is to curl your lips around your teeth to avoid any unwanted injuries. Please don’t use your teeth...unless they ask... in which case…don’t break anything.

Use Your Hands

Hand usage in a blow job is basically a necessity. Most people can’t get an entire penis into their mouths, so you have to compensate for the lack of mouth action with hand action. Use one hand to rub up and down, or in a corkscrew motion, in time with your mouth. Just make sure the area is lubed up first so you don’t rub off any skin.

Stimulate The Frenulum

The frenulum is on the underside of the tip of the penis, and it’s usually the most sensitive spot on the whole penis, so you don’t want to skip this spot. It’ll obviously get attention when you’re doing the regular BJ thing, but give the area special attention by doing a gentle flicking motion with your tongue. Don’t do this for too long though, too much attention to sensitive areas can become unbearable after awhile.

Incorporate The Boys

The scrotum needs attention too?? Give the boys a GENTLE squeeze or tug while you’re working the shaft. You can even roll them around gently between your fingers or be really adventurous and take then gently in your at a time...and roll them around with your tongue. They’re all apart of the same party and want to be invited as well.

Massage Underneath

You know that the penis doesn’t actually end where it sits on their body - there’s quite a bit of shaft inside the body as well. An easy way to give extra pleasure is to apply gentle pressure and massage/stroke underneath the boys. Not necessarily the perineum, which feels great too, but a little bit higher. Like you’re literally trying to rub the shaft that’s inside their body. Obviously don’t push too hard...because ouch.

Focus On Speed

Just because it’s called a job doesn’t mean you have to treat it like one. You’re not on a time clock. It’s not a race. Slow down. Focus on being slow and deliberate with your movements, it’ll become a much more enjoyable experience for you and your partner. Speeding up and staying at a fast pace will make them feel rushed and like they need to orgasm faster. A steady pace will get anyone to orgasm faster than a quick jerking.

Don’t Stop During Orgasm

Speaking of orgasm, don’t stop your movements when it happens. It’s up to you on where the finished product lands (remember to ask them what they want in the beginning) and what body parts you’re going to use to make it happen, but don’t stop immediately! When you see/feel/just know that they're orgasming, relax the pressure and slow down just a bit. You want to slowly fade out your technique so they're totally spent by the time you come to a stop. I mean, how would you feel if you came and someone stopped touching you immediately? You’d hate it.