First off, let's talk rabbits!

Rabbit vibrators belong to a type of vibrator called "branch vibes". These toys are characterised by having more than one branch on them, and stimulate different areas. In most branch vibes there is a larger shaft that goes inside of the body, and a smaller one to vibrate externally (usually on the clitoris). However you can get internal branches that rotate, move, or vibrate; and external branches that vibrate, suck, or pulse! You can even find branch vibes with an anal portion, so you get three times the sensation with one toy!

First up is the Posh-10 Function Bounding Bunny by Cal Exotics. This high quality rabbit is made with only the best body safe materials in the industry – silicone. In fact, all items that I will be recommending are indeed made of silicone. You can use this toy in or out of water and it packs 10 powerful settings which includes vibration, pulsation, and escalation. The Bounding Bunny will provide you with intense clitoral and internal stimulation. The tip of this toy is curved for G spot pleasure as well. I would recommend this item for anyone who is looking for double stimulation without movements on the shaft of the toys, and looking for a simplistic rabbit with no intimidation.

Next we have the intense Hiky Rabbit which is apart of the ever trending suction toys to have appeared on the market. Clitoral suction toys and air stimulating toys are now top sellers in Our Pleasure stores, and this toy is one of them. Aside from the extremely powerful vibration settings in the shaft for G spot and internal pleasure, the clitoral aka rabbit part is a 4 function vacuum suction system. If you experience vibration overload with having vibration internally and externally, this toy may be for you. A combination of suction and vibration will give you a whole new sensation versus just vibration alone, and this may become your new favourite!

Lastly, I have to give a shout out to this dual motored thruster, Thick & Thrust Bunny Purple by Evolved. This waterproof and rechargeable rabbit not only thrusts up and down on the shaft, but has an option of expanding action as well. Once inserted, the expansion can cause a feeling of fullness, combined with the thrusting action and dual motors will create a different sensation then the two I mentioned earlier. This toy has over 10 different settings to choose from, which would make it a little more complicated than other rabbits, but if you are someone looking for something new to replace your old rabbit, this one may be a great fit.

I hope if you do try out any of the above that I recommended, that they exceed your expectations. Remember, that there are different types of branch aka rabbit vibrators out there to choose from, and if you have purchased one in the past and didn't like it, don't be discouraged, there is something out there for everyone.

Thanks for reading!