For many women, the fabled G-Spot is as mythical as a unicorn and as elusive as Big Foot, but for the lucky women who have had the luck to find it, or even better, have had a G-Spot orgasm, they will tell you - it's well worth locating! Let's face it, most of you have encountered a partner who barely knew where your clitoris is, let alone the magical land of rainbows that is your G-Spot! The good news is, once you find it for yourself, and learn how to give yourself Earth Shattering orgasms, you can teach your partner...or keep the secret for yourself!

Before you can master your G-Spot, you must first learn what it is, and more importantly, how to find it. the G-Spot or Grafenberg spot is an area in the vagina that when stimulated, can cause intense orgasms, and in some women, the potential for female ejaculation (yes, that's a thing). It's located about 2 inches in on the anterior (front) wall of your vagina. To locate your G-Spot, first get comfortable. Then, using your favourite lube, insert your finger(s) into your vagina. Your G-Spot will feel different than the rest of your vagina and will feel slightly bumpy. It is said to have a similar texture to a cat's tongue.

Now that you have found it, bend your finger in a "Come Here" motion. It should feel AMAZING! You can also use your favourite toy but be careful. A toy is harder than your fingers so you may also have to adjust the pressure and use lots of lube to avoid soreness. Many toys are specifically designed to reach your G-Spot, some even vibrate for that extra stimulation! It may take some experimentation to learn what works for you, but sometimes, the journey is almost as much fun as the destination. Remember, if you feel you have to urinate... that means it's working! A G-spot orgasm is almost always accompanied by a large amount of fluid. The key to achieving G-spot bliss is to push past it (trust us, if you do you'll thank us for it).

Hopefully, with practice, you will unlock your own secrets to the Magical Land of rainbows that is your G-Spot!