If you have never tried it before, temperature play can sound a little scary, but in reality it's really super easy and you don't have to own a lot of expensive toys or accessories to do so. It makes foreplay more exciting and it introduces you to new sensations. A recent study conducted by Lovehoney, shows that 37% of couples have experimented with temperature play at some point in their relationship.

So what exactly is temperature play?

To put it simply, it's a technique often used in BDSM, but not exclusively, during foreplay that uses hot and/or cold to stimulate the skin and cause a sensual reaction. It is often combined with blindfolding and light bondage to help increase the sensations. The main goal is to provoke arousal by using the neuro-receptors of the skin. Stimulation through hot or cold gives the body a rush of sensations that translates into arousal. It becomes especially fun for the receiver when both temperatures are combined together in unpredictable patterns. Don't limit yourself to just ice cubes, ice cream, or cream from the fridge, try warm liquids such as low temperature candles - the kind specifically designed for temperature play - melted chocolate or warming up edible massage oils. Combining both hot and cold will make it more enjoyable.

If you want to use sex toys, go with something that will retain temperatures: so toys made from glass or metal are always good choices. Also, as cliche as it sounds, ice cubes are amazing temperature play tools. Put one in your mouth when you go to play with your partner. The cold from the ice as it melts mixed with the warmth of your breathe will give extra stimulation wherever you want it. Or simply let the ice cubes drip onto your partners body and lightly breathe on the area where the cold water dropped and then lick the water off the skin

If you are using glass toys, try putting them in a bowl of ice water before using them. The icy touch of the smooth glass will heighten sensations to any part of the body it touches and will warm up with the body's own temperature. If heat is your thing then place the glass in warm water, never boiling, for up to 15 minutes or to the desired temperature you like. With heat always test on another area of the body, like the inner elbow, to make sure it isn't too hot.

One reminder: try to avoid extreme temperature chances with your toys. Don't put a frozen glass toy in a bowl of warm water -- it could cause your toy to crack! Instead wait for the toy to return to room temperature before experimenting further.

Temperature play isn't as complicated or ridiculous as it sounds... and in fact is a whole lotta fun...I promise!