Trust me, it's a real thing!

Urban Dictionary defines Girl Brain as "the proverbial little voice in every girl's head that makes her question everything, decide nothing, react irrationally, (but justifies the reaction with wicked jacked up logic), overthink, and causes 98% of all the drama in her life. The Girl Brain is all of the bad things that have ever been said to you and that you believe about yourself, it's your baggage surfacing and dictating how you interact with others." 

"I'm sorry, I can't tonight, I'm really busy. Can we do it tomorrow?" A seemingly innocent statement, but for those of us with an overactive Girl Brain, this statement can cause a downward spiral that even chocolate and Haagan Daas can't pull us out of! What Girl Brain hears is, "Yeah, can't do it tonight because I'm going for drinks with that hot blonde that I met at the hardware store and I'm exploring my options." 

Depending on the amount of "baggage" we have carried from one relationship to another, reactions can vary from mild annoyance to a full on panic that has you driving around town at 2 am trying to "catch" them in the lie. If we listen to our little voice, can we ever really be happy? Until we can have an open and honest conversation about our fears, irrational or not, can we really have a successful relationship? The good new is, as you get older, and learn to better deal with your emotions and insecurities, that little voice gets quieter. It may never fully go away, women's intuition is a real thing, and if you think something is wrong then chances are you are right. It's when we choose how to react to it that makes all the difference. 

Dee Dee