We start this by accepting the fact that your partner can tell exactly how big your are. One's self confidence can have a massive impact on your sex life. We get stuck worrying about how the sexual experience is going to work instead of just having sex. This is something that all body types worry about. This is where you have to give yourself a very soothing and firm reminder that whoever you have chosen to get sexual with is already and most certainly sexually aroused by you, or they wouldn't be there.

Don't forget the lube, lots of lube. You have to remember that because you are bigger, you have more skin so lube generously and often.

Cleanliness is a must, wash and love your body. A fat body will house more creases and crevasses, so it will require more washing. Wash and dry between your rolls as good hygiene is very important, especially when we have more skin to take care of. Get to know your body, explore it and become comfortable with it. If you are afraid to touch your own body, how can we expect someone else to.

Just because you are fat, doesn't mean you can't try different sex positions.  Missionary is probably the most versatile of all the positions. It can be modified so many way. If one way doesn't work then don't be afraid to lift a leg for easier access. Your body is more flexible than you think. Most fat women are afraid to get on top of their partner because they think they will crush them...that's a myth. Adjust yourself so that you bear most of your weight on your legs and knees, even lower yourself down to your partners chest...this will open up the genital area more for better access and it will also provide some wonderful skin to skin contact and you can kiss more as well.

If you are comfortable enough, introduce some toys to the scene. Invest in some that will actually work with your body size, some you can use alone or with your sex partner. A wand of some sort works great because of the longer handle and vibration strength and makes it easier to reach over your tummy to hit your clitoris just right. Another toy, simple and basic, is a stretchy cock ring for the males with a tummy. A belly impacts the length of a penis, so the ring helps maintain the erection by keeping the blood in the penis and simultaneously pulling your penis out a touch further.

No matter your size, there is always a way to have great sex.