The prostate is located in people born with a penis, and while prostate play is very different from anal play, they do have some similarities. It's similar in the fact they both have to do with your bum, but still very different, when the prostate is stimulated and massaged it will produce a milky fluid and when mixed with semen it'll flow through up the urethra and out of the penis head. This is also known as "milking the prostate" and if you massage it in just the right way you can achieve intense toe curling, body shacking orgasms!!

Fun fact!! Milking the prostate can reduce the chances of getting prostate cancer.

Where is the prostate exactly?

The prostate is apart of male reproduction system and it's located inside the anus about 2 inches in the rectum under the bladder, just at the base of the penis, the prostate is walnut sizes gland that feels almost spongy to the touch.

How do I get started?

Try to relax, I know this can be very intimidating for first timers, but not to worry I'm here to help. If you've never tried prostate play before and are interested in trying, I recommend starting off with exploring yourself first. Try preparing yourself before hand to reassure yourself everything will go smoothly, I suggest getting a shower and using the bathroom before starting, stimulating the prostate can cause the feeling of needing to pee, but it helps you put your mind at rest. Douching can also help, but it's not necessary.

Techniques to try

Once you've prepped yourself and you're ready to go, try using your fingers, make sure to use lots and lots of lubricant ( and it's always a great idea to make sure your finger nails are cleaned and trimmed). Once you've found your prostate try using the "come hither" motion and with your fingers, insert your index finger in your rectum and roll it toward up to the belly button, you can also try increasing the pressure and the speed of your fingers to build yourself up to a full blown orgasm. But don't stop there, use other techniques with your fingers and see what works best for you, have fun and experiment. Now that you have a general idea of what feels right to you, you can move on to prostate toys and massagers.

Now you've had some time to practice and have a good feel of what your doing, time to try some toys, you can find many different kinds of prostate toys.

 To be continued.....