Lets talk Menstrual Cups! Here’s what to expect for your first time…

With so many women saying “enough is enough” to pads and tampons, you may have found yourself in possession of a shiny new menstrual cup! Cups save you money in the long run, while also saving the environment. Plus, no one will think you're enjoying a snack in the stall when you're actually just opening a fresh pad...

1. You gotta get up close and personal with your bits. 

Yes, you do have to insert your menstrual cup and yes, it’s a little different from even non-applicator tampons since you have to position it right. Don't forget to wash your hands each time you’re about to insert or remove your cup. Also make sure you don’t have any cuts or infections while using the cup. Sit back, relax, have an open mind, and preferably short nails. Get acquainted with your vajayjay girl!

2. Patience Is Key.

While many women take to using a menstrual cup quickly,there are just as many of us who find the first few times quite frustrating – and that completely normal and totally fine. Take a deep breath, use some lubrication if necessary and just take your time. We all remember that first time tampon experience, if we can do that, we can do anything. The cup will be a breeze!

 3. Every Body Is Different

Different cup folds work for different women, so if one is just not working for you, try another size or brand.  We always recommend inserting your cup higher up in the vaginal canal than it needs to be at first so you have more room to move it around and get it to pop open. Rotating your cup or pulling it down ever so slightly can help stubborn little folds to open up and form that seal. Chill. Relax. A tense, freaked out vagina is a friend to no one.

4. Leaks Can Happen – But You’ll Get It Down Fast

Many first-timers will have no mess, no fuss – but if you experience leakage the first few times you use a cup don’t fret! Just like with any new protection method, it’s useful to have some back up panty liners on hand just in case. As you get to know your body and how to use your cup, you’ll be a pro in no time. There are also different sized cups to fit different anatomies, so make sure to read up on the details before you purchase.

5. Once It’s In, You Can’t Feel It

Switching from pads and tampons to a menstrual cup is like graduating from diapers to normal underwear – seriously. Once inside, you can’t feel it at all, which is why so many cup users say they forget they’re even on their period. This is because most cups are made with medical grade silicone, which doesn’t absorb menstrual flow (or your natural moisture) like pads and tampons do, so they don’t cause irritation or dreaded and familiar dryness. 

6. You’re Gonna Wanna Remove It Over The Toilet Or In The Shower…

…Not squatting over a new pair of jeans – at least the first few times! One of the big concerns women have about removing their cup is that it will spill its  contents all over the place. But this won’t happen providing you remove your cup correctly! Find a quiet place and allocate some time to learn the process. Use your vaginal muscles to push your cup downwards and with clean hands, squeeze the base of the cup to break its seal and pull out gently. Ta da! Easy peasy.

7. There’s Really Not That Much Blood!

While pads and tampons often look and feel completely saturated, inspecting your menstrual cup after removal is likely to leave you totally flabbergasted. On average we lose only 80ml or 5.5 tablespoons of blood each period – so your cup might look pretty empty even after 12 hours of wear. For those with very heavy flows, there are cups with larger capacities to give you total peace of mind!

8. Period Blood Is Not Like Normal Blood

You’ve probably had your suspicions from experiences with other menstrual products, but menstrual cups allow you to see your menstrual flow in all its natural and unfiltered glory. Period blood is not just blood – it’s also uterine tissue, cells from the lining of the vagina, red blood cells and proteins. This may sound gross, but monitoring your flow,it’s clots,and color can tell you a lot about your overall health.

9. Be Gentle With Your Tap

A gentle rinse in any temperature water you have available(bottle of water), is enough to get your cup ready for reinsertion. While toy cleaner isn't necessary, if you do decide to use it, be sure that it’s scent free to avoid any irritation or infections. Dont forget to wash your hands before and after!

10. Do your research, spend your cash wisely.

Lots of brands have jumped on the cup band wagon. Like most good ideas, there are always a copy cat out there that creates their knock off version, but its never the same. At Our Pleasure, your sexual health is our main concern. So, we did the research so you don't have to!At Our Pleasure we carry “ The Lily Cup” by INTIMINA. With 4 different styles to select from, we're positive you'll find a suitable cup for your menstruation needs.  3 of the 4 styles “The Lily Cup” provides has 2 sizing options. Size A is recommended for women who  have not given birth or have had a cesarean. Size B is recommended for women who have given birth vaginally or have a weaker pelvic floor.  They also have a perfect starter cup if you are a first timer ! They are affordable, made of of medical grade silicone, pocket sized and even come with a storage case!  Stop by one of our stores for an associate to help walk you through the process of finding the best cup for you!


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Start enjoying your period, from one lass to the next!