January is one of the coldest, longest months of the year, where we are just feeling the after-Christmas blues. Having a nice hot bubble bath after a cold winter day, or having to shovel, is such a nice way to wind down, and relax. Having some personal “me” time is self care, which is something we all need during one of the toughest months of the year. I have some recommendations to help enhance your bubble bath experience, which you can get at any Our Pleasure store, or online.

Shunga Bath Gel -- Exotic FruitsBath & Shower Gel by Shunga is a luxurious and award winning bath gel made with edible ingredients (with no after taste) so that you can enjoy this with a partner, or by yourself for relaxation. Its ideal for sensitive skin and is non irritating to the eyes. This shower gel comes in mint or exotic fruits and can act as a bubble bath as well!

Next we have the Kama Sutra Treasure of the Sea, a best selling non-staining bath product that will turn your water a beautiful blue, big bubbles, and make your skin feel so soft. These bath salts are vegan, made for sensitive skin, and comes with a cute little sea shell to scoop your bath salts into the water. If you want to have a lovely experience in the bath, you will not regret getting Treasure of the Sea.

Lastly, I feel like this product should be recommended, even if it doesn't exactly produce bubbles. If you aren't a big fan of bubble baths, maybe you should try the Shunga Love Bath which is similar to having a mini spa treatment at home. How exactly does this work? All you have to do is fill your tub up to your desired amount, and then just add the Love Bath formula to the water. Over time the little gel beads expand, and before you know it you have a tub full of warm, exfoliating gel which will detoxify and cleanse the skin while the heat caresses your muscles. Once you are ready to finish up with your bath, add the pack of detoxifying salts and mix it around with your hand! Shortly you will notice the gel beads dissolving, and turn back to water. At this point you can stand up, rinse yourself off, and get out! Leave the water in the tub for approx 10 to 15 mins before draining your bathtub!

We forget to take care of ourselves sometimes, and getting in a nice comforting bubble bath is a wonderful way to wind down after a stressful day. These three products are a must try to enhancing your bath time experience.

Thanks for reading