January is upon us and a new year begins. Time for resolutions, time for changes or just let things fall as they may. January has a lot of great days for celebrating and one of those days is January 6th which is Cuddle Up day.

No who doesn't love to cuddle up with their someone special.

Cuddling has some great health benefits as well. Cuddling with someone you care about releases a hormone called oxytocin, which helps you calm down and deal with stress a lot better. It can help to lower your blood pressure as well. With a lower blood pressure and lower stress levels, your heart will thank you. Cuddling can also help with relieving pain. The oxytocin released helps to block pain signals. It can help fight colds, especially if you are under a fair amount of stress.

Cuddling helps connect you with your partner. The more you cuddle and kiss, the more you tend to be happier, healthier and less stressed. Cuddling at bed time gives you a chance to talk about the days events and anything that is bothering you...cuddling and pillow talk go hand in hand and if you are lucky, those cuddles can lead to some amazing sex. It can also help you sleep better.

Cuddling is also very beneficial to new born babies. The skin to skin helps the new parents to bond better and feel more in tune to their needs. Dads are more likely to get involved and moms are not feeling so stressed or sad. Cuddling can boost an infants oxygen levels, calm their breathing and ease pain.

Cuddling with your someone special just creates happiness, the more you cuddle the happier you tend to be.

Happy Cuddle up day everyone!!