We've all seen it, heck, we've all done it! Sitting around a table with family or friends, faces staring blankly at our phones and no one actually talking to each other. If we constantly have our phones on us, we are always reachable! Stopping mid-sentence in a conversation with someone to answer your phone, or talking on your phone while at the register in a store. Are you guilty of it? Of course you are, we all are!

It's easier to send a one sentence text then it is to actually pick up a phone to call people. We all have that one friend that if we call instead of text, we will be stuck on the phone for an hour, but is that such a bad thing? Even when we are with our friends and family, it's easier to fill an awkward silence by picking up your phone then it is to find a new topic of conversation.

Humans are social creatures, and if the past year has taught us anything, it's that we need that human contact. So, put down your phone and have a conversation with your mom and dad! Check in with your family and your friends! Instead of spending all night on the phone, bring back family game night or watch a movie. You might just be surprised by how much better you feel!