What is Vaginismus and how does it effect Women? 

First off let us define Vaginismus: [vaj-uh-niz-muhs] is vaginal tightness causing discomfort, burning, pain, penetration problems, or complete inability to have intercourse. This tightness is a result of involuntary tightening of the pelvic floor (especially the pubococcygeus muscle group). Cases of vaginismus can range from mild to severe. In some cases, the tightness may result in burning, pain, or stinging during intercourse. In other cases, penetration may be difficult or completely impossible. 

There are two types of vaginismus! 

Primary Vaginismus, which makes it seem as though there is no opening where the vaginal opening should be. There are two other early symptom indicators of Primary Vaginismus that are sometimes, but not always experienced prior to intercourse attempts: 

1) Some young women have difficulty inserting tampons, even after repeated attempts.

2)Other young women find it very challenging to have their physician complete an internal vaginal exam with a speculum or finger due to a tight opening (may appear to the physician as unusually small). 

The second type is known as Secondary Vaginismus. This type results in unexplained, ongoing sexual tightness and discomfort following a negative (usually pelvic) experience. Even if there is a past of normal intercourse, secondary vaginismus is typically triggered by a temporary physical pelvic medical condition, trauma, or pelvic-pain issue. Some examples include a urinary tract or other pelvic infection; a difficult delivery with stitches required; age-related changes like a hormonal/lubrication reduction after menopause; rape or assault; a pause of many years between spouses; or another similar occurrence. 

Is Vaginismus treatable? The answer is yes!

Successful vaginismus treatment does not require drugs or surgery. Following a straight-forward program, typically involving dilators, pain-free and pleasurable intercourse is attainable for almost all couples. Many studies have shown treatment success rates approaching nearly 100%. So ladies, sex shouldn't be painful ! It should be enjoyable! If you suffer from any of these symptoms consult your doctor before beginning any type of treatments. Through a step by step process, and guidance from the proper medical professionals, you can achieve pleasurable sex with your partner. 

Here's to a safe and happy weekend! 

-Lady B