We can all use a little extra loving. We all like to hear that we are appreciated, or that we are doing a good job at something. Boost a friend or loved one's confidence and at the same time you get a warm, fuzzy feeling yourself by giving them a much-deserved compliment. The compliment doesn't have to be over the top: a simple "thank you for doing something", "you have a beautiful smile", "that colour looks great on you", "you have a beautiful voice", etc. You get the idea!

Say something nice to someone. That one compliment maybe the only positive thing they have heard the entire day and could turn their day around. If you don't get a "thank you" back, it's okay; they are not being rude. Chances are the person you complimented is not use to receiving them and don't know how to react to the positivity. But trust me when I tell you, that compliment just made their day and their heart smile. If you're inspired, write a loved one a letter packed full with everything you like/love about them. It will turn out to be a cherished gift. 2020 was a tough year for every one, and the new year is in full swing...so be nice, be kind, smile more and pay that compliment...make someone's day...friend or foe...just do it!