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1) Can anal sex cause hemorrhoids? 

Not as long as you're relaxing and enjoying it according to sex educator / counselor Ellen Barnard. Hemorrhoids, which are painful painful swollen veins around the anus are usually a result from excess pressure - like straining to go to the bathroom. When a good lubricant is used, you move slow, and penetration is feels comfortable, not forced, there is very little to no risk of developing hemorrhoids. Some researchers actually believe that butt play can actually help decrease the chance of hemorrhoids because it improves the flexibility and strength around the skin. This helps the anus respond better to pressure!

2) How do stimulants for the clit work?

Clitoral stimulants work one of three ways:

  1. Warming which uses cinnamon and provide a warming and tingling sensation due to the natural warming abilities.
  2. Cooling, which uses menthol or peppermint to give a cooling and tingling sensation.
  3. L'Arginine, which is an amino acid naturally found in your body that forces blood flow to the clitoris. This makes it swell slightly, and that makes it easier to stimulate and more sensitive.

3) Do people actually use dental dams?

Absolutely! A lot of people think that as long as they're not having intercourse that they're safe from STI's. This isn't true, and any sexual activity that involves the exchange of fluids can help spread STI's and other infections. So even if you and your partner aren't having intercourse, it's still a good idea to use protection for your oral adventures!

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