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Sometimes you want your toy collection safe from prying eyes, or realize they might be getting a little dusty in your underwear drawer! Not only are toy storage boxes more hygienic and better for your toys, some can even be locked to keep people out of your most intimate business.

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  • LoveToLove Secret Box V2

    Keep your secrets safe.
    The Secret Box has a kinky and sober looking with its velvet style cover and satin style inside.
    Paired with a coded lock, the Secret Box is specifically designed for storing your toys, erotic cosmetics and other accessories away from prying eyes, keep them safe and carry them anywhere!


    • composition: velvet and satin style.

    • size: 11 x 11 x 8.5 cm.

    • included a digital padlock

    • packaging type: polybag

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  • Dorcel Discreet Box

    Cherish your secret garden, keep it away from prying eyes !

    Discreet Box, is much more than a simple box with a fixed lock. It is a safe haven for your sextoys and playtime accessories.

    To keep your pleasure personal, Dorcel’s Discreet Box uses a fixed lock system with personal code, protecting your toys and avoiding the risk of losing keys. Its high storage capacity (4-5 medium size toys) keeps your favorite toys within reach and its clean, simple black design means it blends in your room, your bathroom or your bag...

    The internal mesh pocket and elastics keep accessories and cleaning products in perfect place.

    You get to choose when you want to open your play box of secret!

    Discreet design
    Fixed 3-digit combination lock
    High storage capacity
    Two-way zippers
    Large mesh pocket and elastic straps

    Dimension : 27 x 16 x 7,62 cm / 10,63 x 6,3 x 3 inches
    Polyester + cotton

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  • Blush - The Collection - Embrace - Cotton Toy Bag

    This adorable storage bag is the perfect size and lint-free! The soft, cotton toy bag is machine washable and can be tumble dried... Just in case! Use the easy, secure drawstring tie closure to keep your items private before and after play. It's time to store your favorite sex toys and accessories in style!

    100% Natural Cotton Made
    Drawstring Tie Closure
    Lint-Free & Soft Feel
    Machine Washable & Tumble Dry
    Storage Size 7.5" x x12.25"

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